Oil and Gas

Seismic data acquisition, processing and Interpretation

Environmental Impact Analyses

Wastewater treatment and management

Storm water pollution prevention plan

Supply of manpower in the upstream sector

Crude oil trading and brokerage

Oil Spillage Control and Remediation


High Impact Procurement

Real Estate

Biomedical and Healthcare

Renewable Energy

Information and Communication Technology




Renewable Energy

Energy producer

Hybrid Generator with Renewable Power

Purchase Power Agreements

Solar Thermal Generators

Solar Power




Information and Communication Technology

VPN solutions for multinationals

LAN, WAN, ERP Solutions in Healthcare, Oil and Gas and Manufacturing Sectors.

E-Learning and Education Technology Solutions

Disruptive opportunities in emerging economies in the ICT Sector




Quick Service Restaurants and Industrial Catering and Logistics

Quick service restaurant management

Mamaputt Redefined Brand

Industrial Catering and Logistics Services for Oil and Gas Locations, Filming Crews, and Multinational Companies





Real Estate Development

Mixed use development

Residential developments for low/middle class earners with renewable energy solutions.

Mid market International Brand Hotel Development






Disruptive Opportunities in Emerging Economies