About Us

Xenolith is a noun. Xenolith is a rock fragment foreign to the original magma in which it occurs, its a rock differing in origin, composition, structure, etc, from the igneous rock enclosing it. At Xenolith, we think out of the box. We are problem solvers; our passion and excitement is contagious; we constantly seek disruptive opportunities in emerging economies.

Our Services

| Oil & Gas | High Impact Procurements and Services | Renewable Energy | Information and Communication Technology | Quick Service Restaurants and Industrial Catering & Logistics | Real Estate Development | Disruptive Opportunities in Emerging Economies |

The great opportunities in Nigeria, the West African region and South East Asia have influenced the strategic positioning of Xenolith Group to harness and maximize the ever-growing market through strategic partnerships and alliances. We also possess excellent contacts and relationships with Federal Governments in the West African sub region like Nigeria, Ghana, and Liberia.


Core Values


We leverage on our greatest assets PEOPLE who create INNOVATIVE ideas by exploring and exploiting the numerous OPPORTUNITIES we identify; thereby always providing credible SOLUTIONS for our clients.